Modern Rome

Rome is known for tradition and memory, but is also a modern and lively city. It offers a full overview of the Italian architecture of the 20th century.

The EUR district, which embodies the dream of the ideal city in the 1930s, is still an active center of culture. A new conference center has been built (la Nuvola, the Cloud), one of the most substantial architectures of the Fascist time has been restored and is used by Fendi Fashion Company (Palazzo della Civilità Italiana). Other districts such as Testaccio, Ostiense and various suburbs of Rome are growing as street art attractions. Street artistis are at work to transfer the glorious colors of the old Rome into the once grey-brown condominiums and factories. Contemporary art is also displayed at the Maxxi with its sensual architecture designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, and at the MACRO, where young artists perform and create.

3 to 4 hours

walking tour
car available on request