Renaissance and Baroque Rome

Rome was late to grow into a modern city in the Renaissance, certainly later than Florence and Venice. But when it did, it did it with the glamour of the ancient marbles and architectures. The city attracted artists and patrons in equal measure. Meanwhile its spaces were being redesigned and embellished.

Waystorome opens the way to a variety of art experiences. The best art museums in Rome, such as the Barberini Palace and the Capitoline Museums, the Corsini Palace in Trastevere, private palazzos and collections, such as the Doria Pamphilij Gallery, Palazzo Colonna, less known art places, once private now open to the public, such as Villa Farnesina and Palazzo Altemps, and of course the many churches that host masterpieces by Raphael, Caravaggio, Michelangelo. Feel free to contact me to find out the best art experience for you. Itineraries could cover single districts or areas, works of single artists, great families and their art patronage.

3 hours

walking tour
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