Living in a big city has always brought people to explore the charme of the land, the beauty of nature, the attraction of solitude and silence. Tivoli, a few miles in the inland of Rome, shows how this happened in the Roman antiquity and in the Renaissance.

Hadrian’s Villa, built in the second century C.E., shows the grandiosity and the elegance of an Imperial residence with thermal baths and libraries, fountains and pools, dining rooms immersed in the nature. Villa d’Este embodies the dream of a Cardinal, Ippolito d’Este, one of the most ambitious and elegant men of 16th century. Known for its gardens, the Villa glorifies the water in its multiple forms and sounds, by means of fountains and waterfalls, designed by artists such as Pirro Ligorio and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The old restaurant La Sibilla has in its garden two old Roman temples and an astonishing centuries-old wisteria tree.

4 to 6 hours

walking tour
car available on request