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My name is Alessandro Celani. I was born in a little town in Southern Italy, then moved to Umbria and Rome to study Classics. I hold a degree in Archaeology, a master in Art History and a Ph.D. in History.  I have been working as a licensed guide in Rome and Umbria since 2000 and as professor in American and Canadian colleges for over 15 years. I published academic essays as well as poetry and photography.
Sharing my passion for art and culture is vital to me. I truly believe that knowing a place is an encounter. It can happen anywhere, before a Michelangelo’s marble as well as drinking a glass of wine. What is really needed is an authentic human relation.
Waysofrome is about encounters with places, people of the present and of the past and with oneself. From history to art history, food culture and social life, photography and contemporary art, music, I will be happy to share my experience with you and design your own way to Rome.