Caprarola, Villa Lante and Viterbo

One of the families that made Rome in the Renaissance is certainly the Farnese, originally from the Tuscia region, north of Rome. Their astonishing collections of paintings and ancient marbles ended in Naples when the Elizabeth, the last member of the family, married the King of Spain. But they always honored their land of origin.

Their palace in Caprarola is one the best preserved Renaissance country residences in Italy. Designed by the best architects of the time and decorated by mannerist painters, its spaces have served several times as a movie set. Villa Lante rivals to Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola for the beauty of its garden, supposedly the most intact historical garden in Italy. Viterbo is an unknown jewel of medieval architecture. One could barely find anything built after the 14th century in the charming San Pellegrino quarter.

6 to 8 hours

walking tour
car and driver required